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What is Tele-Sentient

About Tele-Sentient

Tele-Sentient is a wireless sensor network platform that connects with various sensors and realizes efficient wireless data collection, providing a technically superior IoT system that is easy for users to use.

Innovative sensing platform for future IoT era

Special commitment to future IoT

Keywords: 4 “L” + precise sensing

We have deeply researched the four “L” and
sensing technology required for future IoT,
and have started product development of the easy
and precise IoT sensing platform “Tele-Sentient”.

Commitment to making it easier to use

You can easily build various IoT systems using the Tele-Sentient platform

Step1Select sensor information

Step2GUI environment setting

Step3Application to the field

Use Tele-Sentient to build various types of application systems easily !

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