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CM engineering IoT wireless sensor network platform

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This website provides application and technical information about Tele-Sentient, a wireless IoT sensing platform for the realization of a future society in which trillion sensors are embedded everywhere.
Land-based aquaculture with IoT
Sauna system with IoT

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Example of using Tele-Sentient


Realization of concept "4L"

Sub-GHz wireless
long distance
The Sub-GHz band is used as a wireless system, and it is possible to transmit up to 2km in line of sight.
Realization of low cost
and small size
by development of LSI
We are using advanced analog technology and power management technology to develop sensor interface LSI to realize low cost and miniaturization.
Realizes ultra-low power
consumption with standby
power off and precise
power management software
Power-off technology is realized through hardware, and the entire system is optimally controlled through software, thereby reducing power consumption to the limit.
System configuration that
focuses on sensing
Sensor plug and play makes sensor management easy.