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Special CO2 site

Free ventilation diagnostics service on going!

CO2 is the best indicator for ventilation analysis

Let’s prevent virus infection using CO2 monitoring IoT

We developed IoT system to monitor CO2 concentration

Demonstration experimenter wanted

We are looking for companies to experiment our CO2 ventilation system.

  • Ventilate to clean virus
  • Visualize risk by virus
  • Visualize CO2 concentration rate with IoT sensing

(Caution) This system does not directly have effect on virus

  • Do you want to monitor CO2 using our system?
  • CO2 concentration rate is the best index

CO2 monitoring system with all our IoT technology

We can display different closed environment using our IoT sensing platform Tele-Sentient

We have unified system to monitor multiple sensors

We can send alert via wireless connection allowing the users to be notified with CO2 environment from anywhere

Feature and Superiority

It is low power consumption IoT monitoring system

Battery powered to be place anywhere for long term use.

Our sensors can be used in a poor environment


We have many IoT platform working in progress. We can use the data and results to control your environments.

Following is an example of our monitoring results

Different displays

We can display map, graph, values, and status

We have planned to visualize CO2 concentration in multiple ways


We are looking for partners to adopt our ventilation devices

Managers, designers, constructor, and municipality staff please feel free to contact us from the form below