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Agent Based Modeling Technology (5)

Our Agent Based Modeling Platform (2)

This time, we will explain in detail the functions of the ABM platform.

We will explain the role of each block in “③Agent Based Modeling Platform”.

(1) Prediction system (IoT part)

a) In cooperation with an external system (IoT system such as Tele-Sentient), we acquire sensing data for simulation

b) Actuator control of external system (IoT system such as Tele-Sentient) as instructed from “Optimization System”

(2) Prediction system (application)

a) Multi-agent simulation (MAS) based on sensing data and learning DB information acquired from external systems

(3) Knowledge DB

a) Store sensing data obtained from external systems

b) Store simulation results of “prediction system (app part)”

c) Store simulation results of “optimization system”

(4) Optimization system

a) Based on the simulation results of the prediction system (app part), we will perform simulations to optimize the target of the environment

b) Instruct the “Prediction System (IoT Part)” to control the actuator of an external system (IoT system such as Tele-Sentient).

We could not provide details because of the system under development, but we believe that by linking the ABM platform with the IoT platform, we can realize the IoT of the future.