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SAFE Technology Overview (3)

About Analog Front End (AFE)

This time, we will introduce “Analog front end (here after AFE)”.

AFE is the junction with each element and is called the most important part of SAFE.

AFE is equipped with amplification circuits and ADCs along each sensor interface. As a result, many sensor systems such as the following can be constructed with a common LSI.

・ Capacitance method: rainfall sensor, water level sensor, vibration sensor, etc.

Provides an interface with a capacitance sensor for detecting humidity, acoustic signals via a microphone, vibration, etc.

・ Resistance, voltage method: strain sensor, etc.

Provides an interface for resistance bridges such as pressure and strain.

・ Piezo method: pressure sensor, etc.

Provides an interface for vibration detection and piezoelectric devices for dynamic pressure.

・ NDIR method: CO2 sensor, etc.

Provides NDIR-based sensing photodiodes and LED interfaces for gas (CO2, CH4, etc.).

Next time, we will introduce “Sensing in the age of MEMS sensors”.