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IoT learning kit

What is an IoT learning kit?

This learning kit was developed so that everyone from beginners to engineers can experience a wide range of IoT technologies.


・ Those who want to start IoT easily

・ Those who want to experience monitoring using sensors

・ Those who are considering incorporating IoT into their own business

・ Those who want to acquire IoT-related skills as an engineer

What you can do with the IoT learning kit

・ Lunch-up of IoT system using “Wireless IoT Sensing Platform Tele-Sentient”

・ Monitoring using various sensors (temperature and humidity, CO2, etc.) (planned to be expanded at any time)

・ Various sensors can be connected to the Sensor-Node for evaluation (planned to be expanded at any time).

・ You can experience various applications using the free trial version software (planned to be expanded at any time).

The composition of the IoT learning kit

・ Sensor-Gateway can use your Raspberry Pi or Windows PC

・ The attached sensor (temperature and humidity) can be used by connecting to the Sensor-Node.

・ Optional sensors such as CO2 sensor are available

Product information

Raspberry Pi version: IOT-LKT

Price: Please contact us

This learning kit was developed for beginners to engineers to experience a wide range of IoT technologies!


If you have any questions or comments about the IoT learning kit, please contact us from the following.