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SAFE Technology Overview (1)

About SAFE

This time, we will introduce “Sensor Analog Front End (here after SAFE)” that we are developing.

As a vision for the future of IoT, we are conducting research and development with an eye to “the installation of countless (trillion) sensors in the world, thereby improving social change and people’s convenience.”

Currently, various types of sensors are on the market.
Temperature and humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, vibration sensors, gas sensors, current sensors, soil sensors, etc. are not cut.
In addition, the interfaces of each sensor are digital (UART/SPI/I2C) and analog (D/A), and at the RAW level, there are a wide variety of LED, photo diode, IR, resistance, piezo, and capacitance methods.

We are developing SAFE that can be connected to this wide variety of RAW-level elements and can optimize sensing capabilities and power consumption using excellent power management technology.