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Agent Based Modeling Technology (3)

Agent Based Modeling Application

This time, we will explain “Application examples of Agent Based Modeling”.

We are developing an IoT platform called “Tele-Sentient System (here after Tele-Sentient)”.

Tele-Sentient’s sensor nodes can be used to collect data by connecting various sensors such as temperature and humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, soil sensors, and current sensors.

We would like to link this Tele-Sentient with agent based modeling technology to build a simulation technology that has never been used before.

For example, if you use a “CO2 sensor”, it is possible to monitor the change in CO2 concentration in an area by periodically measuring the CO2 concentration using the “CO2 sensor”.

When measuring CO2 concentration for ventilation purposes, I think that it is common to use it to perform an alert display when the CO2 concentration exceeds a predetermined CO2 concentration, and to perform ventilation uniformly by man power and mechanical force.

By linking ABM and Tele-Sentient, we believe that it will be possible to build autonomous ventilation systems, efficiently control air conditioners and ventilation systems, and predict CO2 concentrations within hours.

Next time, I’ll talk about our Agent Based Modeling platform.