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Agent Based Modeling Technology (4)

Our Agent Based Modeling Platform (1)

This time, we will explain the “Agent Based Modeling Platform (here we will use the ABM Platform)” that we are developing.

We explained that ABM is a method of computer simulation, but we believe that using ABM can be used to simulate various fields and things.

Based on the premise of linking with the IoT platform (Tele-Sentient), we are developing based on the following themes.

・ Three-way prediction of meeting rooms using CO2 sensors

・ Ventilation simulation of air conditioners using temperature and humidity sensors

・ Prediction of crop growth using soil sensors

・ Equipment prediction and maintenance using vibration sensors

In order to respond to such various themes, we are developing an ABM platform in cooperation with Tele-Sentient as shown in the figure below.

Next time, I will explain in detail about each function of the ABM platform.