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CM engineering IoT wireless sensor network platform
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New value is created from three components

“Photo shows an example”


  • Sensor I/F LSI that can connect various information collecting sensors
  • Sensor node which realize 4L
  • Wireless long-distance data transmission (2km if visibility is good)
  • Zero standby power by shutting off power
  • Equipped with software for precise power management


  • Sensor-Mate’s collection of information and the control of the whole system
  • Supports internet connection and cooperation with cloud server
  • Maintenance function

Service system

  • Providing a web environment with a GUI
  • Supports linkage with existing management system with Web API for users
  • Visualization of sensing data in various forms

Well-thought-out sensing system

RAW level sensor
Digital/Analog sensor

Select and set the information you want to collect from Service System
Example: Atmospheric substances/Vibration/Distortion of buildings/Pressure/Air temperature/Temperature/Humidity/Acceleration/Acoustic/Soil/Voltage/Current… Others


RAW level sensor
Connection/installation of digital/analog sensors


Receive information by wireless from Sensor-Mate

Service System

Visual display of information received from Sensor-Gateway


Realization of easy and sophisticated sensing

Easy construction of sensing system

  • Sensor-Mate settings can be easily realized at the gateway
  • All sensor information is managed by the gateway

Realized variety of sensor connections and optimization of the sensor itself

“Analog I/F”, “Digital I/F” (SPI/I2C, etc.) Optimization by “Sensor I/F LSI” (under development)

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