CM engineering IoT wireless sensor network platform
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About the future IoT that we are thinking (5)

Major IoT application cases (4)

We collect data by embedding various sensors in various facilities and environments in the real world, such as dams, fields, factories and roads.

By using accumulated sensor data to model, learn, and predict, we think that we will become a society that can link the real world with the virtual world (on a computer).

And we think that simulations in the virtual world will be able to predict things that cannot be tried in the real world.

Then, what can be predicted specifically?

I think that it will be possible to predict various things such as.

・ Forecast of aging destruction time of equipment such as dams and roads

・ Agricultural product growth assistance in the field

・ Forecasting equipment abnormalities at factories

In order to realize this virtual world, we need to provide a service system in the era of “trillion sensors” in which sensors are embedded in everything and everything.

Ans then,

・ A society in which “machines are close to people” rather than “people are close to machines”

・ People-friendly and earth-friendly society

・ Highly productive, eco-friendly, comfortable, convenient and prosperous society

And with IoT systems using sensors, we think that “a safer and richer life will come.”.

We are working on the development of Tele-Sentient system with the aim of realizing the IoT of the future.