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What is the real need for watching over the elderly?

Progress of aging society

Society is aging, because the average life expectancy is increasing due to the enhancement of medical care.

When we become such a society, various issues will arise in the economy, medical care, etc. from the perspective of society as a whole.

Furthermore, one of the most urgent things that is happening in reality is that the number of households where only elderly people live and the number of elderly people living alone are increasing.

Parents and children may live together, but it is becoming more common for children to work in urban areas and for parents, or older people, to live apart.

There is no doubt that the number of households where only elderly people live and the number of elderly people living alone will continue to increase.

What do children and parents want in this situation?

Real needs for watching over the elderly

For children, the safety of their parents is very worrisome.

If living together, they will know safety every day, but if they live apart, they will not know immediately.

Many people want to watch over their elderly parents, even if they are far away.

There are many requests from children to watch over the elderly.

Parents can also feel reassured by having their children watch over their safety.

In other words, the real need to watch over the elderly is to feel reassured by the fact that parents and children are casually connected and that children and parents feel each other’s existence.

Watching the elderly is about creating a casual connection in the special relationship between parents and children.

Realization of watching over the elderly by IoT

By utilizing IoT, it is possible to remotely watch over the elderly.

Placing a surveillance camera to monitor the condition inside the house would be unacceptable due to privacy concerns.

This is far from a casual connection between parents and children.

If the sensor can be used for watching, it will be accepted without any resistance because it can be watched without privacy problems.

By using a casual sensor, you will be able to realize the perception of connection.

As an application of Tele-Sentient, we believe that the situation of the elderly can be indirectly grasped by installing sensors.

In that case, temperature sensors, CO2 sensors, etc. will be used.

Application of IoT in welfare facilities

The number of elderly people living alone at home is increasing, but the number of welfare facilities is increasing year by year.

Along with this, the burden on caregivers has increased considerably as the number of elderly people supported by one caregiver has increased.

What is required of long-term care facilities is to reduce the burden on caregivers.

There are many ways to reduce the burden of using IoT to address this issue as well.

We have an experience of conducting demonstration experiments at actual care facilities for sensing the user’s condition at welfare facilities and alert notification to caregivers.

Benefits of using Tele-Sentient

Since Tele-Sentient is an IoT sensing platform, it has the advantage of being able to easily build systems that utilize various sensors.

We also aim for casual IoT to create value.

There are various forms of the elderly watching system.

The biggest merit is that various monitoring systems can be built immediately upon request.

We believe that IoT utilizing Tele-Sentient will help solve problems in watching over elderly people living alone and reducing the burden on caregivers in care facilities.

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