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Build an outdoor wide area network with long-distance wireless transmission

Tele-Sentient is trying to maximize the communication distance in order to make wireless communication suitable for outdoor sensing systems.

It is possible to set up a relay node and use a node as a relay node to extend the communication distance by multi-hop, but in order to relay at any time, the relay node must be awake at all times.

This causes problems such as cost and power consumption, variation in data transfer time, and unpredictable delay.

Therefore, Tele-Sentient does not use a relay node.

Sensor node (Sensor-Mate) communicates directly to collection node (Sensor-Gateway).

Therefore, maximizing the communication distance of the sensor node is the key to determining the range of application of the sensing system.

The wireless interface built into the Sensor-Mate uses the carrier frequency of the UHF band (920MHz band, 400MHz band, or lower).

In Tele-Sentient, in order to increase the communication distance, it is possible to secure the communication distance by lowering the data transfer rate according to the installation distance of Sensor-Mate and Sensor-Gateway.

By using the Sub-GHz band and changing the transfer rate, it is possible to build a wide area network outdoors.