CM engineering IoT wireless sensor network platform
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Realization of low power consumption for the entire IoT system

Tele-Sentient allows many functions to be set by software to suit various purposes of sensing systems.

The main sensing targets of Tele-Sentient are outdoor buildings, farms, and equipment of large factories.

These sensing targets are required to monitor relatively slowly changing conditions over a long period of time.

In order to perform long-term sensing, it is necessary to keep the power consumption of each sensor node as low as possible.

Tele-Sentient defines the behavior of the system from the specified mode of operation.

This makes it possible to control power supply and power consumption from a system perspective.

In addition, we have built a mechanism to turn off all circuits other than the timer during standby when sensing is not performed.

This suppresses unnecessary and unurgent power consumption, and enables long-term operation with commercially available dry batteries and batteries charged by solar power generation (solar batteries).