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Easily build an IoT environment with sensor plug and play

Challenges for making IoT system easy

One of the features of Tele-Sentient is sensor plug and play.

Until now, incorporating new sensors into IoT systems has taken a great deal of time and effort.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is hindering the spread of IoT.

Why does it take so long to connect the sensor?

Increased effort to embed drivers in embedded software

There are many sensors in the world.

There are many types of sensors such as CO2 sensor, vibration sensor, strain sensor, pressure sensor, temperature / humidity sensor, pressure sensor, acceleration sensor, sound wave sensor, soil sensor, etc., and there are many sensors for each type of sensor.

When trying to build an IoT system that utilizes these various sensors, it is necessary to rebuild the embedded software of the microcomputer in the sensor node not only for hardware connection but also for driver installation.

This is a task that can only be done by an embedded software engineer.

Of course, a hard connection to the sensor node is required, but installing the driver is the most time-consuming task.

This makes it difficult to easily build an IoT system by utilizing various sensors.

Sensor plug and play with Tele-Sentient

Tele-Sentient uses a method in which environment settings such as sensor drivers and configurations are registered in advance in the Sensor-Gateway instead of on the sensor node side.

The pre-registered driver firmware is wirelessly transmitted to the Sensor-Mate when the sensing system starts, and is incorporated into the Sensor-Mate.

This eliminates the need for user-intensive processing of implementing complex driver processing in the sensor node firmware.

In other words, Sensor-Mate does not have sensor driver information at the initial stage, and the registered sensor driver is incorporated in the sensing system protocol by setting in Sensor-Gateway, so you do not have to touch the embedded software.

If you register the sensor information in the Sensor-Gateway, you can realize the sensor system simply by connecting the sensor to the Sensor-Mate with hardware.

Tele-Sentient as a sensing platform

Tele-Sentient is based on the concept of being able to easily build many IoT systems and applications as an IoT sensing platform.

As one of the ways to realize this concept, we created the idea of sensor plug and play.

This creates additional benefits when using the Sensor AFE LSI.

We would like to discuss this benefit in another article.