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Sensor I/F LSI

Sensor I/F LSI (Currently under development)

Any type of RAW level sensors can be connected to Sensor I/F LSI.

The Sensor I/F LSI mounted on the Sensor-Mate can be connected to various RAW level sensors. By combining the RAW level sensor + Sensor I/F LSI, it is possible to build an optimized sensor system and realize precise power control.

Brilliant concept never before

The Sensor I / F LSI realizes the following attractive concepts.

  • It supports many sensor interfaces such as optical (NDIR), resistor, piezo, and capacitance.
  • With the built-in Power Management function, you can control the power supply of the entire sensor node. This envisions LSIs in the future battery-less era.
  • It is designed so that the parameters of the internal analog circuit can be adjusted by software (register setting).
  • Support ultra low power mode and realize ultra low power sensing operation.

Built-in Analog Front End (AFE)

The most important part of the sensor is the part called the analog front end (AFE).

The Sensor I / F LSI is equipped with an amplifier circuit, ADC, etc. along each sensor interface.

This makes it possible to build many sensor systems with a common LSI.

  • Capacitance : Rain amount sensor, water level sensor, vibration sensor, etc.
  • Resistance, voltage : Strain sensor, etc.
  • Piezo : pressure sensor, etc.
  • NDIR : CO2 sensor, etc.

Sensor I / F LSI proposes the concept of sensing in the coming MEMS sensor era.

  • Low power consumption by LSI
  • Cost reduction and promotion of sensor diffusion by standardizing sensors and interfaces
  • A new sensing platform in the Sensor on Chip era

Only a few circuits are waking up during standby

Cuts all wasted power consumption when not sensing.

Only the timer is awake, and that timer is also designed to operate at ultra-low power consumption.

It cuts most of the power consumption in regular sensing sequence.

Realization of ultra-low power consumption sensing

In terms of sensing, there are cases where you want to perform accurate sensing, and there are cases where you want to achieve sensing with ultra-low power consumption even if the accuracy is reduced.

Sensor I / F LSI supports ultra low power mode, which realizes ultra-low power consumption.

This makes it possible to reduce the power consumption of the sensing system to the utmost limit.

Such flexible power consumption management is a merit that cannot be realized with commercially available sensors.

Looking for partners

By utilizing the Sensor I / F LSI developed by Tele-Sentient, we can provide many benefits to our partners.

Sensor manufacturer

By collaborating with Tele-Sentient, you can configure the best sensor for IoT.

In particular, sensor accuracy, analog parameters, calibration, power consumption management, etc. can be performed flexibly, so it is possible to realize an attractive sensor suitable for IoT that has never existed before.

Semiconductor manufacturer

The key technologies of IoT, analog front-end (AFE) technology and power management technology, can be applied as LSIs.

By utilizing the design assets of Sensor I / F LSI as IP, the lineup around the sensor can be enhanced, and LSI and SoC can be realized to realize attractive IoT.

In addition, we are looking for a wide range of partners such as joint development partners, manufacturing vendors, and trading companies.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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